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Graphic Novel
X-Venture Xtreme Xploration: Underwater Unknown
X-VENTURE Xtreme Xploration Series
Comics By: Air Team (氧气工作室)
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What Dangers Lurk In The Dark, Desolate Depths? Things are going swimmingly for our happy-go-lucky heroes, until an urgent request for assistance pulls them deep below the surface once more! Tasked with testing out top of the range trench teach for Dr. Thompson, alarms soon begin to blare as routine morphs into a life or death rescue! As usual, our rambunctious Rain bites off more than be can chew, but has he gone too far this time? With hope dwindling what will happen to our heroes? Why does Stone have a sneaking suspicion things aren’t quite right? Join the X-VENTURE Xplorers as they seek to know the UNDERWATER UNKNOWN!

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