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GEMPAK™ adalah majalah komik keluaran setiap bulan memuatkan pelbagai informasi padat mengenai ACG (anime, comic & game), temu ramah eksklusif serta bahan-bahan terhangat dalam industri kreatif tidak kira tempatan mahupun antarabangsa. Dengan versi majalah digital terbaharu ini, pembaca boleh membaca GEMPAK™ di telefon bimbit & Tablet menggunakan teknologi touchscreen melalui perubahan interaktif ini. Setelah muat turun, anda boleh membaca isu digital GEMPAK™ yang terkini.

Magic Bean Short Film



What"s going on? Someone"s raided our gallery and scrambled up all our photos! Hurry, only YOU can piece together this perplexing mix-up! Puzzle your way through each gallery to return your favourite comic characters to a better frame of mind. Tame those tricky tiles to reveal the scrambled scene. Good luck!

Monster Chaos AR

Augmented Reality App for the Monster Chaos comic.

- Users can scan the promo card and read the preview for the first chapter of the Monster Chaos comic series.

More updates coming soon!


From the inspired minds and creative ribticklers who rocked your world with Lawak Kampus, comes Lawak Kampus Dimension Drift: A 2D casual platformer featuring the fun-tastic antics of your crazy cool school crew! Plunged into a virtual reality nightmare, it"s up to Vanness and YOU to hop to victory, defeating nasties and saving your schoolmates along the way! Tap and swipe your way through puzzling puzzles, selecting a specific skill set! If being a hero is your jam, then you"ll be in your element!


Get ready for the run of your life. Join the Hantu Slayer in an epic adventure! In keeping with the intention of grounding the game culturally, "hantu" the Malay word for ghost is used.

HANTU SLAYER is a casual running game, with some elements of role playing and action. It is a comedic casual horror game set in a quintessentially Malaysia kampung setting. Utilising an immersive top down 3rd person perspective, players can join the Hantu Slayer, Adam as you both venture further into this spooktacular adventure!

You begin the game with Adam, as he leaves home to set out for the nearby rubber plantation where he works. Dawn is hours away and Kampung Dalaman lies shrouded in star strewn darkness. Taking his customary path through the jungle, he finds his way barred by a fallen tree which requires him to find another way. The comforting silence begins to feel oppressive as a cold mist creeps in and suddenly Adam finds himself in a crazed maze! With treacherous trees trying to trap him, sinister stones standing in his way and spooky somethings spying on his every move, this is where the nightmare begins!

Beset by foul apparitions hungering for blood, the jungle comes alive hellbent on preventing our hero from passing through unharmed! It"s up to YOU to sure he survives the night by swiping the screen to avoid obstacles and tapping foes to vanquish them, racking up precious points as you race along! Ah but not so fast! Malicious mini bosses pop out to challenge you once you reach their locations and it"s up to you to play their games, and make it through harder, better, faster, and stronger! Defeat these diabolical fiends and earn bonus points to boost your hopes of emerging alive!

Half-Blood 7



GS Scan

GEMPAK STARZ™ is one of Malaysia’s top comic publishers. Today, GEMPAK STARZ™ not only publishes comics, magazines, and novels, but has stormed into the interactive digital era with the release of innovative mobile applications utilising the latest virtual technology. Readers can immerse themselves in discovering a whole new side of their favourite GEMPAK STARZ™ characters!

With the “GS Scan” app for smartphones and tablet devices to scan various pictures and codes, fans can activate AR (Augmented Reality) functions that allow them to view and even interact with 3D images of various GEMPAK STARZ™ characters.

More GEMPAK STARZ™ characters will soon be available in 3D for readers to view and interact with! Please stay tuned to our official website and Facebook for new updates and exciting news!