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To Define A Creative Life Is to Break Boundaries

Looking Back at our journey from being a comics and graphic largest and most prolific creators of creative content in Malaysia, we realize that we have been doing one thing consistently well. We break boundaries. We like challenging the norms and we never look at the world as it is but as what it could be. And that is at the care of what we do. We pursue all endeavors that could change lives for the better. Lives that filled with inspiration, energy, joy and discovery. This is The Creative Life. Our Version.


Creativity Is A Commodity That Always Appreciates

In a year, we produce over 250 publications of various genres from acclaimed local, regional and international artists. Along with our mobile and digital offerings, interactive games and merchandises, we offers the most diverse lines of products for every age group and creative palate. They all have something in common; the ability to continuously stimulate and satisfy hungry minds with clever and attractive content. Our products are bestsellers and our readership as well as customer base grows every year. This means we are on our toes and always in the know.


Creativity Transcends All Boundaries

For all that we have achieved, we know we can do more and better. So we take everything that inspires us and translate it into art. Or clothing. Or furniture. Or a toaster! We celebrate the Creative Life. Sometimes on our own and often with like-minded partners; we bring Creativity into our hectic daily live and allow everyone to pause a moment to enjoy it for all its beauty, imagination and, quirkiness even! Inspiring others, let creativity flows into their lives too.


Creative Outreach Turns Work Into Play

Our sales ad marketing teams take on every opportunity with vim and vigor. We strategically organises events, visits and collaborations in many viable areas. We also run a very popular Gallery in-house with booked-out schedules all year round. We want our fans, customers and clients be exposed to and experience a while new level of connection with the many facets of Creativity by understanding the work we do and how we do it. They are all back-breaking task and we love it! The smiles we see on their faces fuel our efforts even more.


Creativity Opens The Floodgates!

Over the years, we have built strong and expedient networks that span the length and breadth of Malaysia and Singapore. We also trade with Korea, Brunei, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, China, France, Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan, Macau and many more. Aside from online subscription and mail orders, our publications and merchandises are also available at major bookstore chains, convenience stores and retail stores; with up to 50% are being serviced directly by our strong sales team. Our warehouse facilities enabled us to maintain optimum efficiency to keep up with the markets demands. Additionally we constantly explore and expand the retail chains furthers to make our works even more accessible everywhere!